Shower Trays

Shower Tray Repairs

STJ Motorhomes is an authorised Speed Coat™ repairer.

STJ Motorhomes exclusively uses the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® (Hygiene Coat) an active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial urethane polymer product which provides a tough, thick, flexible coating and has been independently laboratory tested and verified to outperform most other types of polymer spray-on liner products.

A sprayed SPEEDLINER EURO HC® repair creates a seamless, totally waterproof coating and is impervious to normal household cleaning chemicals and detergents.

A finished shower tray repair application also provides a textured finish that can assist towards an anti-slip surface within the shower cubicle.

When utilising the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® product to repair a cracked shower tray the spray coating will on average be applied up to 1.5 – 2mm. thickness and has the final cured strength and flexibility not to crack or warp and will prevent the shower tray from degrading  beneath the coated surface.

Speedcoat once applied to a prepaired and repaired shower tray is a permenant repair, basicaly it acts as a spray on liner for the existing tray, and will give high strength and durability to a cracked and weak tray.

Shower tray repairs start from £300 +VAT, please call for further details.

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